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I've made 3 Eye Kandy purchases now and I am highly impressed with the quality of the products and the efficiency of the shipment process. I get so many compliments on my lashes and contacts and I always recommend Eye Kandy to my friends and followers. The fact that Eye Kandy products are cruelty free is a huge bonus! Absolutely in love with my new favourite beauty brand.

Sarikha Rosli

I love these so much! I have the legitimate Solotica lenses and I regret buying them because they are nowhere near as comfortable as these!

Leah Eteuati

These contact lenses are the BEST! I have spent $60 on the Desio lenses in the past and didn’t find them anywhere near as comfortable and natural.


By far my favourite lashes and contacts I've ever tried 

Maiya Welsh

Received the most beautiful contact lenses, fast shipping too :) very happy.

Kahurangi Semmens

Love the quality of these contacts. Will definitely be repurchasing. Thanks Eye Kandy

Anmaree Rodger

I’m completely in love with these contacts! I’m definitely buying more

AJ Samuels

Best contacts ever! Highly recommend. Fast postage. Thank you!

Theresa Nijsse

I freaking love them! I bought the same colour from Solotica but they were $100. Thank you so much!

Frances Pilia