First of all you should always soak your new contact lenses in fresh contact solution for at least 24 hours before wear.
How to apply?
  1. Wash your hands to remove any dirt and dust
  2. Place the lens on the tip of your finger and use your other finger/s to help keep your eye open
  3. Place the contact lens on to your eyeball
  4. Close your eye and blink to adjust the contact lens
  5. Repeat with the other eye
How to remove?
  1. Wash your hands to remove any dirt and dust
  2. Open your eye and use your index finger and thumb to remove the contact lens from your eyeball
  3. Place the contact lens into your contact lens case with fresh contact solution 
  • Do not sleep, swim or shower with your contact lenses 
  • Do not use water to clean your contact lenses or store your contact lenses in. You must only use the contact lens solution
  • Always use clean contact lens solution after every wear
  • Always be gentle when handling your contact lenses to avoid tears/rips
  • Try not to wear your contact lenses for more than 8 hours
  • If your eyes start to feel dry when wearing your contact lenses you can use eye drops
  • If your eyes feel irritated for whatever reason you should remove and clean your contact lenses as they may have dirt or dust, also inspect them as they may have a tear/rip from mishandling. Your eyes could also feel irritated if you wear your contact lenses for longer periods of time
  • If your contact lenses happen to tear/rip or dry up please do not continue wearing. It’s best to just throw them away. You can always purchase a brand new pair
Thank you,
Eye Candy NZ